Uniquely Organic


A genuinely organic farm

Nature, where everything is balanced

An ancient land, where contrasting influences meet. The Maremma: a plain released from the grip of malaria by man’s determination, a fertile land since ancient times, with the Mediterranean in front of it and a long-extinct volcano behind it. Hills of pitted tufa and a south-westerly wind. The fatherland of the Etruscans and a safe haven for the Romans. A astonishingly green land with holm oaks, and mastic, myrtle, strawberry and olive trees, not to mention the ubiquitous maritime pine: the ideal habitat for agriculture that regales us with intense flavours and captivating sensations. For the wild boar and the hawk. For horses and long-horned cattle that graze freely. History and nature inextricably bound together, providing unforgettable experiences.

The fields are its heart

The Antica Fattoria La Parrina's vocation has been for farming since time immemorial. From the 19th century to the present day the crops have expanded and diversified to include an area of around 200 hectares, of which 60 are given over to vineyards, 40 to fruit growing, 20 to horticulture, 22 to olive groves and the rest for arable farming and nursery plants.Our love for organic farming has always been the same, enhanced by the results of modern agronomic research and taste-inspired technology. But we have not forgotten the intrinsic value of farming know-how that has been handed down from generation to generation on how to deal with the land’s sometimes harsh nature. A land rich in local produce that has only been convinced to offer up the best of itself to our tables by the hard and patient work of man.

The colours and bouquets of this land

The vineyards of the Antica Fattoria La Parrina, where hunting hawks sit on the poles supporting the vines, occupy 60 hectares on the stretch of land immediately behind the hills in the hinterland of Orbetello. Research, experience and work with universities and the best winegrowing experts have identified the “spur-pruned” method, which leaves few buds on each plant, as the ideal system to make the most of the soils - some sandy, some clayey-sandy - thereby improving the sugar content and aromatic components. The results achieved have led to La Parrina being recognised as Controlled Designation of Origin (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) since 1971. To this day it is one of the very few Tuscan farming estates to have its own exclusive designation. For its reds, the vineyards are home to Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Alicante and Syrah grape varieties. And for its whites, Ansonica - king of the local varieties and now D.O.C., like "Ansonica costa dell'Argentario", Vermentino, Sauvignon Blanc, Trebbiano and Chardonnay.


From Biodiversity to Organic Farming

Our love for nature is a basic choice that means respecting the differences and vocations of sustainable farming. This is a logical conclusion, but it also shows appreciation for a principle that translates into quality products. At the Antica Fattoria La Parrina, proving to be ahead of its time, the seeds were sown many years before and time has meant that this has become an increasingly important factor.Careful consideration for the character of each individual plot of land has led to the most suitable crop being grown on each, thereby improving environmental sustainabilityBut that's not all: the scrupulous adoption of good production practices that respect nature's rhythms; the creation of clear buffer zones around the plots to help prevent contamination; the use of totally natural fertilisers and chemical agents; the care and attention to the welfare and freedom of animals and artisanal methods, "like the ones from days gone by", are all the result of our determination to create strictly organic products: all the genuinely zero-food-miles ones produced by the Antica Fattoria La Parrina. The same ones that become the ingredients of the most mouthwatering dishes served in La Parrina's Restaurantand the ones you’ll find in the Antica Fattoria Shop  that you can have delivered straight to your home via the online Shop.